Cojines y fundas con figuras geométricas.

The brand philosophy



Tayorana was born of the inspiring encounter between designer Paula Torres and textile artisans from her home country, Colombia. Together, they are committed to create exceptional scatter cushions that express both their love for Colombia’s traditional textile techniques and the complementarity between ancestral craftsmanship and contemporary design.


With a signature style that associates a vibrant palette of colors applied on simple geometric patterns and soft woven textures, Tayorana offers handmade decorative objects inspired by Colombia’s rich heritage and luxuriant nature.

Whether they  inspire you in your home design or are the perfect finishing touch, Tayorana’s collections, through their wide range of playful associations, will bring joy and natural elegance to your home for many years.

cushion-covers-mystura-geometric figures
cojines de diseño

Simplicity, quality, design and respect for the artisan tradition are the main elements of the brand




Tayorana’s decorative objects come in a limited collection created by a passionate team. Paula, the designer, works in very close collaboration  with talented artisans, most of them women, who have preserved Colombian traditional techniques for generations.


It all begins with the careful selection of colorful, soft and resistant fibres. Tayorana, for example, uses fine sheep wool from the Andes spun by skillful local producers. The weaving is carried out by hand in vertical and horizontal looms that associate thousands of yarns with precision. From the meticulous choice of fabrics to the last finishing touches, every Tayorana cushion or basket is crafted with passion and ancestral know-how. The result will delight you: a Tayorana decorative piece is not only a comfortable and beautiful addition to your home, it also carries with it part of age-old Colombian traditions.

cushions and cushions covers Tayorana
Cojines para sofá
CONSCIOUS DESIGN - Made with love

The designer



Paula Torres founded Tayorana in 2017. Born and raised in Colombia, she draws her inspiration from her country’s cultural heritage and the extraordinary diversity of its people and landscape.


Her love for Colombia’s traditional craftsmanship and for those who contribute to its preservation motivated her to study visual arts and design in France. Now back in Colombia and rich of  a wealth of experience in graphics and design gained in French Polynesia and Europe, Paula has now reconnected with local artisans to create her first collection of cushions and baskets.


Paula’s creative process is the result of a human adventure shaped by rich encounters and influences. It takes its source, day after day, in simplicity, honesty and a strong respect for age-old  traditions.

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