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Natural tones Bed Set


Exclusive Bed Set in natural tones to dress your bedroom with natural elegance



· Set Bed of 2 cushion covers (40×60cm) and 1 bed scarf (45x190cm)

· Handmade central fabric, geometric design

· Nut color chenille fabric, soft touch and quilting

· Closing at the bottom of the cushion

· Limited series Set

· Each Set is a unique piece made with




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By choosing this handmade piece, you help preserve traditional know-how and support indigenous artisanal communities.






Each Set blends soft and unique textiles with minimalist geometric patterns for a harmonious and sophisticated effect. Directly on the sheets or on the quilt this Bed Set with natural colors will offer you a comfortable and lasting experience.


Majestad Set is not only a comfortable and beautiful addition to your room, it also carries with it part of age-old Colombian traditions.


♥ Pick your favorite Set and dress your bedroom with a unique look!


⇒ It is recommended to combine  your set with the cushions of different sizes from MYSTURA collection, if you want an even more comfortable and elegant effect.



· Size: Cushion cover 40×60 cm – Bed scarf 45×190 cm

· Color: Natural tones – Terracotta, Nuts, Coffee

· Material: Chenille fabric, recycled mixed fibers, soft velvety texture. Handmade central weaving on loom.

· Care instructions: wash by hand with warm water and mild soap. Do not tumble dry. Extend the Set on a flat surface. Dry in the open air.

· 3 designs available