Majestad green beads 30x50cm

The pleasure of weaving to dress your home with natural elegance


· Cushion cover, green velvet, soft touch, delicade shine

· Handcrafted central tissue with beads, geometric pattern, green gradient

· Closing at the bottom of the cushion

· Each cushion is a unique piece, made with



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By choosing this handmade piece, you help preserve traditional know-how and support indigenous artisanal communities. Each cushion is a unique piece made with care.




MAJESTAD blends luminous textiles with minimalist geometric patterns for a welcoming and stylish effect. Soft textures, like velvet, precious woven stripes and delicate beads enhance the welcoming and stylish personality of this collection.


The geometric tissues are crafted by artisan hands who have managed to preserve traditional beadwork weaving techniques.


3 MAJESTAD designs with beads available. Fabric varies according to the model.



· Size: 30×50 cm

· Color: Green gradient

· Material: Central tissue with beads. Velvet, soft touch, delicade shine.

· Care instructions: Hand wash with mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not tumble dry. Extend the cushion cover on a flat surface on a towel, on the side of the geometric fabric to absorb the excess water. Dry in the open air.